Urbanization of Migration


While the outbound currents of young and educated expats are growing and expanding, so is their tendency to opt for urban destinations. In recent years urbanization has been referred to as “over-urbanization” because of disproportionate urban growth rates resulting from the internationalization and urbanization of the global economy.

According to sociologist Saskia Sassen, today’s global economic system operates within a network of strategic “global cities” which draw in businesses, corporations, goods, services, and of course, workers. In this context, it’s only natural that young, educated, open-minded and forward-thinking individuals would be attracted to the economic, professional and cultural opportunities these international urban destinations offer.

Young professional expats not only flock to the well-known power global cities (London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Tel Aviv) but they are also opting more and more for “emerging” global cities (as globalization evolves and expands, so does the network of global cities due to internationalization, economic and population growth).