Top 5 ways to meet expats in Buenos Aires

expats meeting

How do I meet expats in Buenos Aires?

Here are the top ways to meet other expats in Buenos Aires according to 27 Americans living in the city.


The majority of the Americans I interviewed claimed that one of the main ways they meet other foreigners or “expats” in BA is online. Here are just a few of the web links they mentioned:

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Is it easier to make American friends abroad than it is in the States?

expat friends

making American friends is easy when you’re abroad!

Meeting other expats when you’re living abroad is actually really easy if you live in a global city. In fact, in my personal experience and those of other expats, making new American friends is way easier abroad than it is in the States.


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Step by step guide: how to get residency in Argentina

how to get your Argentine DNI

Detailed instructions for Americans (and those from any other “extra Mercosur” countries) on how to get residency in Argentina. Temporary or permanent. 


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